Microcurrent facelift without going under the knife

Microcurrent facelift without going under the knife

Self-care is an important part of being and staying healthy. When you indulge in things that are good for your mental health and body, you will feel better and grateful. Getting a facial lift can be one of those things that you need to feel better about yourself, but you dread going under the knife. Well, you don’t have to. You can get a non-invasive natural procedure like Micro-current facial.

This treatment is a non-invasive, painless treatment that involves using low voltage electricity to stimulate muscle, promote cell growth in the skin, and collage development in the dermis on the face.

Everyone wants a great-looking facial feature, but no one is excited to get under the knife. Therefore, treatments like micro-current are designed to help tighten, tone, and lift those facial areas. This technology has been in use for almost 70 years, but it just became popular in the beauty industry in the last couple of years.

If performed correctly, there’s no need for Botox or any surgical facelift; your skin will have a youthful and taut appearance. Let’s dig deeper into how this natural treatment works and why it might be the perfect solution for your facelift.

What is a Micro-current facelift?

Before this treatment became known in the beauty industry, it was used as physical therapy to help patients heal and recover fast. As earlier said, low voltage electrical current is used to stimulate the nerves, which in turn rejuvenates the facial muscles.

Various environmental factors, stress, lack of sleep, gravity, toxins, smoking, lack of activity, toxins, and natural ageing can cause our skin to become loose which can appear to drop or sag as we age. Also, repetitive facial expressions in between your brows, around the corner of your eye, around your mouth, and on your forehead can cause wrinkles in these areas. The electrical frequencies in our cells and muscles often get thrown off by disease, stress, and environmental factors, that contribute to ageing. A micro-current facelift treatment helps realign these electrical frequencies, which help to tone the muscles. It also speeds up collagen production and elastin, both of which break down when the body starts its ageing process.

Who can get a micro-current facelift?

Every skin type can get a micro-current facelift because they are injection-free with immediate benefits and no recovery time. If you are in your late 20’s, this treatment is good for you because it will be more of a preventive measure. As you age, you can increase the number of micro-current facial treatments you need to do. Just like exercising, the more you get the treatment, the more adapted your muscles will become.

However, pregnant women should not undergo this treatment because it has not been clinically tested to know if it is harmful to a pregnant or nursing mother. If you have undergone certain facelifts like Botox or neurotoxin, it’s advised that you don’t go through this treatment since your muscles are frozen.

Preparing for a treatment.

If you are thinking of going for this treatment, you should book a session at SkinBar By Jane studio in San Diego. The esthetician there are readily available to give you an incredible result.

On getting to the studio for the facial, you won’t find much difference between this treatment and other non-invasive treatments because it’s painless. Your esthetician will prepare your face by applying a gel that will make the electrical current penetrate your facial muscle and stimulate the nerves to rebuild elastin and collagen in the face. Two metal prongs or a handheld tool will be used at different points on your face; the same way acupuncture spots are chosen on the body. The treatment process will take about an hour, and results are seen immediately.

So many people have reported falling asleep during the treatment because it is so relaxing, reduces stress as well as manages wrinkles and fine lines. During the treatment, you may feel a tingly sensation, and you may taste a metallic taste in the mouth or feel a pull at the hairline. All these are painless and don’t have any negative effects.

The results are immediate, but it is advised that you repeat the process over the course of several weeks for a prolonged effect. Just as you exercise your other body parts for your muscle to tone or lift, you need to do the same with this treatment.

There is no downtime with this treatment; you can have it during a short break at work and return to the office looking all toned and amazing. You don’t have to take the day off.

There’s nothing better than undergoing a treatment that leaves you grateful for natural ways. You can achieve an amazing facial structure without having to go through invasive surgery and recovery time. Following a micro-current treatment can literally take ages off your face leaving you looking amazing. If you are in San Diego, SkinBar by Jane offers this natural treatment alongside other natural facial treatments.

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