Microcurrent facelift without going under the knife

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Self-care is an important part of being and staying healthy. When you indulge in things that are good for your mental health and body, you will feel better and grateful. Getting a facial lift can be one of those things that you need to feel better about yourself, but you dread going under the knife. […]

Gua Sha – what it is and who is it for?

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When you check the term ‘Gua Sha healing’ on Instagram or TikTok, a lot of results come up, and most of these results are questionable. The tools and equipment sold online that claim to aid in Gua Sha technique may not give you the needed benefits. Especially is you don’t know the right techniques and […]

Cryotherapy Facials & Dermaplaning

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A cryotherapy facial treatment is a mental and physical stress relief that was first popular in Europe and is now widespread in the United States. It’s a treatment that has been in existence for decades. On the other hand, dermaplaning is a procedure that removes the vellus hair, and if done properly removes dead skin. […]

Natural facelifts

natural facelift

You can have a more youthful appearance without undergoing invasive facelifts. There are natural ways to reduce facial volume, dropping neck or chin, and excessive jowls. The results from these procedures will leave your skin looking ageless, healthy, and natural. Also, you can achieve these results without going under the knife. In this article, we […]

JetPeel Facial Treatment – Peels And Skin Health


So, you’ve been thinking of making an appointment for a peel. That’s great! This Jepeel facial treatment is an important facial treatment that maintains the health of your skin. It is used to correct fine lines, uneven tone, acne, wrinkles, and dark spots. The most amazing asset of a peel is that there is a […]

Benefits Of Facial Sculpting Massage

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These days, there are many hardcore facials that are not painful or invasive, but many people are not aware of their benefits. We keep buying different serums and masks for our faces, but the results are not forthcoming. After spending our hard-earned cash and wasting our time with these treatments, no results to show. We […]

Best Skin Facials in San Diego

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There’s hardly any time to do self-care these days and having a facial may probably be the last thing on your to-do list, but it is important that you have a facial regularly. Skin Facial treatment is an anti-ageing tool that yields long-term benefits like keeping the skin hydrated and warding wrinkles. Even though you […]

Natural Hair Growth Tips

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We are told that our hair is our crown, and it’s expected that we would want to maintain and grow our crown to our satisfaction. The need to grow one’s natural hair has led to several people using different hair products to wash their hair, washing hair with rice water, applying onions juice on the […]

Lymphatic Drainage Benefits For The Face Massage

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There’s a difference between a good facial and a great one! A great facial like Lymphatic drainage can help reduce expression lines, relax facial muscles, and detox your entire body. The benefit of this massage goes way beyond having an hour of relaxing spa massage. It is a powerful way to help flush toxins, reduce […]