Best Skin Facials in San Diego

Best Skin Facials in San Diego

There’s hardly any time to do self-care these days and having a facial may probably be the last thing on your to-do list, but it is important that you have a facial regularly. Skin Facial treatment is an anti-ageing tool that yields long-term benefits like keeping the skin hydrated and warding wrinkles. Even though you don’t have the money for regular follow-up care at a spa, you should consider going there once in a while.

Besides removing flaky skin, blackheads and exfoliating, facials help fade dark spots even though it has been there for a while. It doesn’t matter your age; starting now reduces the damage that could happen as you get older. When you are in your 20’s, getting a facial may be the last thing on your mind, but starting at this age will lay the groundwork for maintaining an ageless glow later in life. By the time you get to your 30’s your hormones take over, which means bad breakouts that even exfoliating creams may not be able to get rid of. So, start now to visit a spa near you to get a facial treatment, and while you’re doing this, eat well and exercise regularly.

Now that you know why you should visit a spa to get a regular facial, we will review 5 facial spas in San Diego that are known to provide the best services. So read till the end to find out which facial treatment the spas in San Diego provide.


With more than 25 years of beauty experience, you are certain of getting a facial treatment that will change the way you see yourself. We are one of the best facial spas in San Diego that does alternative healing techniques, facial treatments, natural hair restoration, advanced exfoliation, spray tan, and Jetpeel transdermal infusion. If you are looking to get lymphatic drainage, combined with reiki energy healing, gua sha, and the latest facial technology, our estheticians are readily available to help you feel and look more beautiful. We pride ourselves in being the first providers of Jetpeel in southern CA. Book for a spa session with us, and we’ll provide you with every detail you need to know about our services.

There are so many spas right in San Diego that offer services that hydrate, rejuvenate, and give your face an ageless look. We’ve reviewed the best of the best, and we hope you have the finest pampering across the globe.


This spa in San Diego believes that no two individuals have the same skin. That’s why it is important to understand the epidermis message of skin and constantly adjust the treatment approach to produce immediately visible results. They specialize in advanced clinical skincare and skinbarbyjane are the only spa in San Diego specializing in Biologique Recherche Facial Treatments. Skinbykris also does LED light facials, Dermaplaning, Intraceuticals oxygen, Microneedling, Hydrafacial MD, and Microdermabrasion. If you intend to book for any of their services, ask for past clients’ photos and reviews to be certain that you’ll get your money’s worth.


Just as its name implies, this spa offers advanced natural skincare and facials using products made from Kiwi. These products are made using the latest skincare technologies combined with organic and unique ingredients that give your skin a natural and healthy glow. You can book their services online, and they will pair you with an esthetician that will first understand your skin then work with you to rejuvenate your skin. Always ask for reviews and photos to see what you’ll be paying for.


This facial service in San Diego offers top-notch face and body treatments like chemical peels and Microdermabrasion. The services offered in this spa can be customized for anyone; the estheticians use European facial treatments to treat hyperpigmentation and clear away dead skin cells. They also do deep pore facial treatments to remove dead skin cells, loosen dirt and oil from pores, corrective facial spa to reverse damages caused by other skin treatments, and acne facial. What makes them different from other spas in San Diego reviewed above is that they do customized men’s facials.


The services offered in this spa range from facials to decollete massage to a foot massage with warmed booties. If you are looking for a solution to dry and sensitive skin, this spa promises to help you treat your skin with its Hydra Floral Facials. Other services they offer include treating environmental damage, dehydration, sensitivities, redness, fine lines, and hyperpigmentation. They also carry out a signature Aromatherapy facial, Epicuren Hydra-extreme treatment, Epicuren skin rejuvenation, Oxy-C, Pumpkin Spice Facial, and Epicuren Acne facial. When booking an appointment, be sure to ask for reviews and before and after pictures to be certain of the service you are paying for.

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