Benefits Of Facial Sculpting Massage

Benefits Of Facial Sculpting Massage

These days, there are many hardcore facials that are not painful or invasive, but many people are not aware of their benefits. We keep buying different serums and masks for our faces, but the results are not forthcoming. After spending our hard-earned cash and wasting our time with these treatments, no results to show. We want results, and we want them fast. So, in this article, we are going to list the benefits of facial sculpting massage. This massage is an art that dates back to many decades ago with roots in Sweden, Russia, China, France, Italy, and Mexico. Each nation contributed to the facial sculpting massage we know today, the pinching, flicking, tapping, and rolling. Face sculpting massage technique produces visible results after the very first treatment. It works your tiniest and large face muscles to firm, lift and tighten your face. Here are other benefits of facial sculpting massage.


When it comes to acne, there are so many treatments that claim to reduce the appearance of acne. Facial sculpting helps promote blood circulation on the facial area that is massaged, which reduces acne. It also works like the Lymphatic Drainage massage to remove toxins and stagnant lymph. However, the sculpting process shouldn’t be aggressive, especially on sensitive acne, so that you do not make it worse.

Anti-ageing and wrinkles

Facial sculpting massage helps improve the overall appearance of the skin. SkinBar by Jane, a premiere Skin Clinic in San Diego, does combine lymph drainage with face sculpting massage. This unique technique produces an effect that reduces wrinkles and overall skin improvements.


Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is a condition that causes discomfort in the face or jaw, which may result in lockjaw, headache, or earache. A facial sculpting massage may help alleviate the inflamed, tight, or painful jaw muscles. This massage will be more effective if done alongside jaw exercises.

Sinus pressure

Massaging the face may help relieve discomfort, pressure, and congestion so long as it is not an acute stage of sinusitis or an infectious cause.


A 5-minute face sculpting massage has a positive effect on your circulation. This massage helps improve your skin appearance and increases blood flow to your face for at least 10 minutes after the massage.

Glowing skin

In addition to sculpting your face, this massage brightens and glows your skin. It helps boost circulation, tighten your skin, and relieve tight muscles.

Mange scar tissue

This massage treatment helps speed up the healing process of a facial scar. While massaging your face, the areas around the scar tissue receive more blood, which flattens bumps and loosens up nearby tissues.

Facial rejuvenation

Facial sculpting massage helps relax and relieve tension from your face. It is a highly beneficial treatment that leaves your face looking fresh, clean, and rejuvenated.

Do I need a Face Sculpting Massage?

Jane, the Esthetician at SkinBar by Jane, recommends that if you are in your mid-twenties, you can start face sculpting massages. Since we all age differently, our faces may start showing signs of ageing at different stages, so if the ageing of your face has become apparent, it’s time to have a face sculpting massage. The best candidate for face sculpting is someone with a prolapse of the face and neck or sagging skin. When the skin is mature, the results will be more visible.

How Long Should I Perform Face Sculpting Treatments?

Results are seen immediately after the treatment; however, it may not last for long. To have a long-lasting result, it’s recommended that a minimum of 5 face sculpting massages be performed weekly. If you want to remove puffiness or extra water retention in your face, then a single Lymph Drainage would be okay. For a more sculpted face, improved skin, and natural facelift, get a series of sessions.

Is This Better Than Other Invasive Options?

These days so many people want instant gratification; they would prefer going for invasive and semi-invasive alternatives. Compared with procedures like injectable fillers, where the results last for 6 months to a year, face sculpting massage results are long-lasting and include muscle memory. Whereas, after 1 year, you have to get injected again if you choose the option of injectables. Face sculpting massage is easier to continue from where you left off, and you are using your body’s natural abilities to work for you. This procedure is also affordable than other invasive treatments and is one of the safest options.

At Home Vs Professional Service

Of course, there are several DIY videos online on sculpting your face yourself, but when you compare it to doing exercise without weights, you’ll not get much noticeable results. Getting the help of a professional esthetician will help you attain results faster. The esthetician is trained and knows the hand techniques that will activate your face muscles and make them stronger and tighter. If you are in San Diego and you need the services of an esthetician, you should visit SkinBar by Jane. After a series of treatments, you can be certain of a lifted and toned appearance of your face.

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